ps.jpgEnhancing Teaching and Learning with Photostory

1. To display photos of a range of 'wise' wet weather activities – Nathan, Bethlehem.
2. To reinforce, through photos, before-school routines- bags away, sharpen pencils, book bags in box - Nathan, Bethlehem.
3. To pose questions about pictures related to our Tonga topic – Ngaire, Bethlehem.
4. To demonstrate a technology process, from design to construction, how the class made movie food trays and movie tickets- Nathan, Bethlehem
A place for displaying trip photos, with a voice recording for each photo to talk about experiences. This is an example of Pam's. Judi, Bellevue

As a shared book/story with childrens artwork as the illustrations (Photographed), text and voice added. Judi, Bellevue
7.A way to retell/review a school event adding captions, music and or voice. ( our Syndicate shopping mall- Social Studies) Carolyn Te Puna
8. Geometry - Shapes - Kids in groups go out and take photos of shapes with 3 sides, 4 sides etc. Put on photo-story and label and discuss - Rocky
9.As a way of making an interesting backdrop of words for songs to share at school assembly. eg. The Planets Song with photos of each planet in turn. John - Bethlehem.
10. Pose 6 Groups around the Thinking Hats and record the Thinking Hat ideas orally alongside photos. Jenny, Otumoetai
11.A way to showcase our school and our grounds in a series of photos of a day at BC. Janice BC
12.Select popular NZ tourism sites and showcase with sound, text and images - Inquiry - Why are they popular? Steve, Otumoetai (too many Sky Towers!)
13.School councilors will make a photostory about the playground,and take a petition from senior students, in order to make a submission to the Principal and BOT's regarding children's request to install or re-position a very loved and missed, "jungle gym bars" that Seniors want to play on. Debbie - Bethlehem
14.Extends the learning time when students look at the photos and record what they have learnt - Debs B - Bethlehem
15. For those students whose pace is stilted or too slow when reading out loud, record their oral reading and then let them listen to themselves (in private). Usually they hear that they are not fast enough and want to have another go. We have found this really works. Debs B - Bethlehem
16. (Not sure about the copyright thing,) but.... take photos of a reader, make into a photo story, and record the child reading into it, works well with a special needs child, who has some articulation and fine motor skills issues. His articulation has improved, he loves the computer and he gets to do his reading as well. - Robyn, Bethlehem.
Retell a story to develop a better understanding of cultural and religious celebrations eg: Christmas Story, Easter message, ANZAC Day. Students write a recount of the story then create a storyboard. Once this is completed they illustrate the pages then record their oral recount overtop of the pictures. See example Jamin - Bethlehem
18. Wonderings posed, questions asked, discoveries and evaluation photographed and recorded in inquiry. Good sequence of the process. Easy for children to follow and read. Pam - Bellevue
19. Series of photogaphs used as a sequencing activity - retelling, explaining, listing. Pam - Bellevue
Created Photostories to help support argument writing: See Examples: Photo Storys
Room 23 Northcote Primary
21. To show the format of a science experiment. Sir Richard Davies - Te Puna
22. Show process of learning project - Louise -Te Puna
23. Country Fair Celebration - Sir Richard Davies - Te Puna