Learning@School 09


As set out in our contract we are required to provide feed back from Learning@schools. This wiki page has been setup for this purpose. Please add any links to presentations that you feel may be valuable for the teachers in our cluster so that they too can benefit from our experiences.


Share one thing that may have an impact on your professional learning.
1. I enjoyed some of the programmes that were introduced to me such as 'Comic Life' that is a brilliant tool for language (Jan Neilson)
2. The "Fish Philosopy" is a great model for the wanna-be-passionate teacher (Jan Neilson)
3. I found that Waikowhai School's breakout on Inquiry learning really summed up inquiry learning for me. It inspired and encouraged me to really look into the solo taxonomy and compare it with Bloom's. I really liked the way everything was visual with symbols and colours, which makes it easier for thekids to understand. (Emily Collier)
4.Some interesting points I noted from Cheryl Doig on engaging the community in Curriculum development. (Pam)
5.Establishing a questioning culture in a junior classroom provided some very practical ideas and I felt challenged by some issues raised. (Lisa)
6. I also enjoyed the above breakout, very practical ideas that can be adapted to any level. I feel that these Questioning skills need to be known by children before they launch into Inquiry!! (Rosemary)
7. Keep checking out TKI-new ideas and links being added too. English on line has also had a revamp! (Rosemary)

Share something that you could take back to others for use in their classroom.
1. A bunch of free internet software that I will add to the wiki. (Jan Neilson)
2. Free Web2 porgrammes like twitter, comic life, voice thread etc. More cool things to try with the kids :) .
3.LEARNZ is a great way of connecting children with the global community through virtual field trips. Free registration for individual teachers now with class registration attached rather than School rego. Check out the links on the Home page of this wiki. (Pam)
4.I have acquired several practical ideas and wonderful websites to share with colleagues. (Lisa)
5.Have a look at X-roads wiki: xroads.wikispaces.com; go tho Thinking/Questioning on the navigation bar. Great for questioning resources also linked to De Bono's Thinking Hats.(Rosemary)
6. Trying to incorporate solo taxonomy into classroom as a way to get children to actively look at their own thinking and hopefully go deeper. Solo taxonomy appears to be a much easier model to follow (not sure about some of the language though). (Kris and Simon)


1.Andy Hargreaves (USA)

Add your comments to the voicethread. Laptop microphones are quick and easy.

2.Pam Hook

"There is nothing right in my left brain and nothing left in my right brain".

Wiki The Differentiated Curriculum Model

3.Wes Fryer (USA)

Add any Mini Conference Breakout Presenter Ideas here...

1.Waikowhai School Auckland (Solo Taxonomy)- Peter
2.Enterprise (Gina Revill / Anne Marie Kite - secondary)- Rachel
3.Enhancing the KCs with free web2 tools (Danny Bedingfield) -Jan
4.Developing Self Managing Students (Craig Hickford)
5.Wikis (Donna Dyet)
6. Visual Language and visual Txt (Dave Winter)
7. A variety of great practical ideas (Paula Jamieson)
8. Collaborative Learning using Web 2.0 tools (Erin Freeman, Heath Sawyer)