Blabberize simple, fun and effective!
Just upload a picture of a face, mark the keypoints of the mouth, and record the audio. It creates a simple animation of the mouth moving to the sound of the voice.

Voice Threads imported images into a media presentation. Record audio/add text annotations. Others can add voice and comments as well. See also VoiceThreads in the Classroom and Allanah's instructions for use.

Sketchcast a series of drawings with or without audio, and play back as video in your web site or blog

Recording with a Webcam Record directly from your Webcam- easy to upoad to Blogs and Wikis. Just don't leave the camera running!

Creating Virtual characters with voice Voki is a website that lets you create an animated avatar that you can customize and supply your own voice to or use one on their list.

Have you checked out the new video loader on Blogger? This feature allows you to upload videos and create a video podcast with the same ease that is currently provided with photo uploading.

Mathletics the next generation in learning, helping students enjoy maths and improve their results.
Mathletics covers Kindergarten to Year 12.

Big Huge Labs New Flicker tools to try!

Oscope - A great visual search tool for sites like ebay, You Tube, flicker etc.

Comic Life -- free trial version. This is a cool little document publishing program.