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The New and Improved Digistore via Making IT Happen by Rocky on 2/19/10

external image digistore.JPGMany digistore users would have received a pleasant surprise this week when en-route they were redirected to the new fresh -face of Te Pātaka Matihiko- Digistore. New Zealand’s gateway to quality digital content (learning objects and digital resources) now offers new tools and functions to support educators with the effective selection and integration of digital content. Resources will be added progressively, and new features introduced and refined.

What you can expect?

• increased discover-ability via browse, search and filter technology.
• to be able to tag and rate your favorite resources
• to create learning paths to ensure quick access for both you and your students
• an associated wiki (accessible via 'Using digital content') created to reinforce the key messages about the effective use of digital content. Examples of how digital content has been embedded into existing programmes and links to other relevant digital content.

Not registered? Don’t know your password: Visit

Read about the latest happenings at LEARNZ by checking out their latest newsletter here

The newsletter covers:
  1. **Are You Lurking?**
  2. **How Free is LEARNZ, Really?**
  3. **Why I Should Bother with LEARNZ**
  4. **Improvements to Field Trip Web Sites**
  5. **2010 Teacher Manual**
  6. **MyLEARNZ - Why I Should Enrol Classes**
  7. **A Variety of Field Trips in Term 1**
  8. **LEARNZ at Learning@Schools Conference**

The ICT PD Online newsletter for 12 Feb 2010 is now online : Click here
The Newsletter shares some stories from Ilam School in Christchurch. These stories tell how the voices of students, teachers, and whānau are integral to learning and teaching at Ilam School and are well worth viewing as we plan ahead in our own schools..
ilam.jpgLeading change at Ilam School
Effective pedagogy
Improving whānau-school partnerships and learning te reo Māori

For the Gadget Gurus: The newsletter also features Youblisher a cool little publishing tool that allows you to convert your PDF files into flippable, readable documents, just like the real thing online!
This could be a great tool for sharing professional readings or for students to publish their own work.

Congratulations to Room 18 @ OPS
For winning the Netguide Primary School website challenge

**ICTPD Online Newsletter November**

Feature Video - Irene Cooper talks about a national vision for education
Tricks, Tips and Web 2.0 Tools - NovletInvestigative Series -
From national Curriculum to school-based Curriculum
Primary News - SustainEd cluster,
MADE AwardsSecondary News -
Craig Steed's blog,
Fathom software
Resources - EdTalks,
Draft literacy progressions and e-learning wiki resource
Administration - ICT PD self assessment rubric
Ministry News - Announcements for stage 3 of the School Network Upgrade Project
Up-Coming Events -Learning at School conference 2010Spotlight on ICT PD 
Online - Time4 innovation online seminarTimelines -

ICT PD Online NewsletterOctober 30th Newsletter:

Feature Video - Did you know 4.0Resources Feet first picture book competition, TakingITGlobal New Zealand Curriculum Online Primary News - Nati awards at Te Rangitawaea Festival Ministry News - e-Learning research network Something Different Tips and Web 2.0 Tools - Weebly for education The Feature Video on the latest ICTPD Newsletter is well worth a click of the 'PLAY' button (Newsletter link) Tessa adds.....Can a bunch of school kids really change the world in five minutes a day? This class of primary school kids demonstrate over the course of a week that it only takes five minutes a day to make a positive impact—from recycling to planting fruit and veg and telling jokes. You can find out more and contact the filmmaker, Tristan Bancks, at This film was made for Film Australia's Change the World in 5 Minutes project. See more films and upload your own ideas for Changing the World @


A survey for all teachers who have been involved in the ICT School Clusters Professional Development Programme, needs to be completed so that you can contribute to the end-of-project evaluation.

Please Click here to complete it.

Thanks Te Puna School for hosting the latest clustershare.
The low key approach worked well for us all, as it made things easy with not having to register for a workshop session. It was great to see where you are at with Ultranet (shame they didn't come up with afternoon tea as it was good promotion for them). Seeing what you are doing at the classroom level with an LMS through some of the workshop sessions was an informative way to round things off.
There is always a positive feeling when our cluster of schools get together and this was no exception.
ICT PD Online newsletter August 28 Featured in this newsletter: - Tips and Web 2.0 Tools - The Story HomeResources - Ideas to InspireSpotlight on ICT PD  Online - Ministry of Education confirms software agreement for schools - Applications open for Information & Communication Technologies Professional Development (ICT PD)



In the latest issue of Diginews read about new developments due to be launched at the start of term four, 2009. New features will include: Improved presentation, access for teachers and students and browse, search and filter capabilities. Also the ability to rate, comment on and tag individual learning objects and digital resources and develop and share learning paths specific to teaching and learning requirements.Read more

Module_3_logo.jpg(Extract from the latest ICT PD Online newsletter)
Infrastructure into Tomorrow online module- hosted by Warren Hall and the NSSF team. It is an opportunity to look at infrastructural planning needs based on the technologies that are likely to become widespread in our schools and classrooms in the next 5 years.
There are three main areas of focus:

  • looking at the kinds of devices that might be available in the near future
  • wired and wireless networking
  • the possibilities afforded by regional fibre optic loops and cloud computing
For more, go to

Bubble Share Bites the Dust.

As of November 15, 2009, will no longer be available and all links to all albums and photos will cease to function (including existing links within emails, blogs, etc). To access your photos in the future you will need to download your photos prior to November 15, 2009.
To save your images to your desktop, simply click the "Download Album" link next to your albums and double click on original photos. Your photos will then be saved to your desktop. This is effective immediately, you will no longer be able to upload any new photos or albums.

Mission Heights

For those of you who missed the Closeup Report on the new Mission Heights high tech school check the link out Electronic identity cards and learning Zones with instant feedback - it is all about portability and 17 terabytes of hard drive space!

Lead Teacher Auckland Trip

Lead teacher Auckland Trip
Thankyou to Waikowhai and Newmarket Schools who generously shared their pathways and ideas for using Solo Taxonomy as a tool for teaching and learning. Visiting others schools is a treat for those of us lucky enough to get the opportunity. It is a great time to reflect and look at new ideas, as well as quietly knowing that you too are on the right track and having some confirmation.

Deal or no deal?

It seems to be an ongoing saga, as we wait to see whether a deal has been made by the Ministry to continue picking up the tab for software licenses. If talks fail what are the options? Schools can simply stick with Microsoft and pay for what they use. It seems that issues will only arise with new hardware and server updates as what we have in schools should be covered within the original purchasing of the hardware. Alternatively there is the open source solution and perhaps exposing students to different ways of doing things promotes skills and versatility. If you are looking to alternatives INTERFACE have an article on the pros and cons. There is also a link to Warrington School about the route they have gone down.

Mr Winkle Wakes: A movie created by Matthew Needleman based on a dark joke that has been around educational circles for some time, imagining Rip Van Winkle waking up one hundred years later and visiting a school of today to find not much has changed.

Links of Interest from Tessa's Update

Key Competencies
This is a new website, designed to support teachers and curriculum leaders, with the introduction of the key competencies in the New
Zealand Curriculum. Each month new resources will be added including school stories, examples, and tools to encourage discussions in your schools.
Making IT Happen - The e-learning pie
Rocky's blog post on digital tools for ICT self-evaluation for schools. Excellent tips and tools when reviewing ICT/e-learning strategic planning in schools.
Cool websites - 21st Century School Teacher
There are so many outstanding websites for use by educators in the classroom, sometimes it's hard to know where to start. This website
lists some web 2.0 favorites.
Chalkspot blog
See how Marnie, an Auckland Yr 3 teacher, has turned boring news sharing time to dynamic news creation time with a current events show
the kids create and post to YouTube.
Spelling City
A place where kids can enter their own spelling lists which are used to create a variety of fun drill activities from the words. Useful homework tool.
Captain Curiosity Teacher Lab
This is technically a blog but I've put it here as it is set up as a resource for busy teachers around the topic of science. Lots of great
stuff here that you could use in your own classrooms.
Upload images to this tool to create a range of slideshows from the images. I like the quiz slideshow where kids can build quiz questions
that overlay the images and people can guess their answer while watching the slideshow. You can see the joke quiz I had a go at making
at The other kind of slideshow options are good as well. Can be embedded into blogs or wikis

Whale Expo @BC

BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing
Around 570 students and adults checked out C3s Whale Expo last week. By all accounts it was a great success with media coverage and lots of positive comments from visitors. The photos above give you a peek of their exhibition.
Well done Dave Hanna and C3.
It is always important to gather data from our conference
  • This helps us to point the contract in the right direction.
  • Provides feedback to those who kindly give us their time to present and share ideas.
Click Here to take survey

Free website -

ICT PD Online newsletter May Click here
It features a movie that talks about how ICT has changed the nature of learning experiences for young people and the skills required to develop digital literacy. This movie highlights aspects of the Digital Learning section within Learning about Learning.
Movie.jpgClick Here

ICT PD Online newsletter 22 May Click here
Including Ian Jukes Video - Understanding Digital Kids

Spotlight on ICT PD Online - Time4 Celebration online theme
Tricks, Tips and Web 2.0 Tools - 100 Most Inspiring and Innovative Blogs for teachers
Primary News - Visit to Great Barrier Island
Investigative Series - What are the possible implications for our students brains if their experiences are saturated with digital technologies?
Resources - Practice site for young drivers, LEARNZ update
Sharing - Te Whakatipuranga Hou Cluster wiki

Milestone Data Gathering
It is that time of year when we have have to gather data for our Milestone collation. It is important that all teachers have input into this as this helps to tailor the programme ahead.
So this year I have made it easy. So just go ahead and click the link!
Click Here to take surveyglowsmile.gif

ICTPD Online Newsletter: **Click Here**
Spotlight on ICT PD Online - Project Directors and Facilitators link Feature Video - Michael Merzenich talking about the incredible power of the brain to 're-wire' itself Primary News - Nelson City ICT PD Cluster conference Something Different - Crayon Physics Deluxe Investigative Series - The ability of the brain to adapt and change to reflect life experiences (plasticity) Sharing - Te Kete Atawhai Cluster sharing by Sue Davidson Administration - Milestone support material Tricks, Tips and Web 2.0 Tools - VoiceThread Secondary News - News from secondary school clusters from around the country For Starters - Focus on change management, skills and incentives Ministry News - Diginews and Software for Learning Upcoming Events - Auckland 'unconference', HWEN, Ulearn Current Events - Leading Learning Module 4 - 21 May Timelines - ICT PD up-coming events

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by suzievesper Enhancing learning and teaching using Web 2 tools.

engine_starter.gifThinking about thinking?

click here

Andy_Warhol_image.pngManipulating Photos

Web 2 tool box link
ICTPD Online Newsletter: April 24 Click here
Feature Video - David Anderson - Enacting the Vision: Teacher Beliefs
Tricks, Tips and Web 2.0 Tools - Go to Web 2.0. Index of Web 2.0 Tools and Applications
Resources - Focus on four of Lenva Shearing's fabulous online resources
Spotlight on ICT PD Online - Strategic Planning folder and Effective Practice Register
Extra - Hattie - What the attributes of excellent teachers
Investigative Series - Correlations between brain-based learning and other current findings
Teachers talking - Reflections of a lead teacher - Jamin Lietze

Download mp3 Centre4

Something different - Low Cost Multi-touch whiteboard using the Wiimote
Ministry News - New website for school leaders launched
For Starters - Addressing skills development
Timelines - ICT PD up-coming events

ICTPD Online Newsletter: April 10 click here

Spotlight on ICT PD Online -
Feature Video -
Primary News -
Secondary News -
Sharing -
Investigative Series -
Teachers talking -

Download mp3 Centre4
Something different -
Tricks, Tips and Web 2.0 Tools -
For Starters -
Ministry News -
Upcoming Events -
Timelines -


As a cluster and active group of teachers we are already developing a collaborative link through our schools, drawing on the skills from within our teaching community. Thank you to those who willingly presented at our latest Clustershare, you have confirmed for us all that we are all faced with the same challenge – to get the absolute best out of all our children and are committed to the concept of improving student achievement.

BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing

Leadership Lessons from Geese

Lesson 1:Those who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going quicker and easier because they are traveling on the thrust of one another.
Lesson 2: If we have as much sense as a goose we stay in formation with those headed where we want to go. We are willing to accept their help and give our help to others.
Lesson 3: It pays to take turns doing the hard tasks and sharing leadership. As with geese, people are interdependent on each other’s skills, capabilities and unique arrangements of gifts, talents or resources.
Lesson 4: We need to make sure honking is encouraging. In groups where there is encouragement the production is much greater. The power of encouragement (to stand by one’s heart or core values and encourage the heart and core of others) is the quality of honking we seek.
Lesson 5: If we have as much sense as geese, we will stand by each other in difficult times as well as when we are strong.
ICTPD Online Newsletter: March Click here:

Spotlight on ICT PD Online - Project Directors and Facilitators link Feature Video - Matt Tippen talking about ICT related energisers in the classroom Resources - Learning@School New Zealand Curriculum Online - Latest updates from New Zealand Curriculum Online Primary News - Point England School on Close Up TV One Secondary News - Kareti Cluster Launch Day Sharing - Spotlight on Te Reo Maori Digital Learning Centre from Justine Driver Ministry News - Three presentations from the Ministry's e-learning unit For Starters - Focus on ICT PD related research and responses from exiting clusters Tricks, Tips and Web 2.0 Tools - Cogdogroo and 50+ ways to tell a story Administration - Links to milestone templates for milestones 1,3 and 7 Upcoming Events - Cluster network meetings Timelines - ICT PD up-coming events

Dates to Diary

Clustershare @Bethlehem: Thursday April 2nd
Mini Conference: Friday June 12th (Tony Ryan Keynote)
Eric Frangenheim/ Critical Thinking: May 22nd

Welcome back for 2009

ICTPD Online Newsletter: February

Click here
Spotlight on ICT PD Online - ICT PD Cluster Links Feature Video - Richard St. John: Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes New Initiatives - Feet First 2009 action project New Zealand Curriculum Online - Welcome to the front page Primary News - Online Bridges Cluster symposium Secondary News - Cobham Connections Launch Ministry News - Audio Bridge Facilities update, Digital New Zealand Resources - Educational Positioning System 2.0, LEARNZ Virtual Field Trips Tricks, Tips and Web 2.0 Tools - How to download YouTube videos Upcoming Events - Learning@School, new cluster visits, cluster network meetings Timelines - ICT PD up-coming events

ag_click.gifThe calendar link so you can check out the happenings for this year.It is also a place that can be used to book some time for that extra class support or teacher PD!calen.gif Learnz virtual field trip experiences

New for 2009. All New Zealand Registered and Provisionally-Registered teachers are eligible to register free for 2009 (register once - no annual renewal required). As Teachers, once you have activated your registration, you have full access for 2009 to all field trips for your personal use. You also have access to a personalised control panel called MyLEARNZ (make sure you register first) -create a login for your classes and enrol them.
So it's nearly Christmas...... check out these links
Christmas Linkschristmas002.gif
The Six Hats of Christmas
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Clipart
Christmas Games for Kids
Wicked Christmas Topics
Crayola Christmas Site

Kiwi's view on Christmas

ICTPD Online Newsletter: November 28th
Click here
This newsletter features items about:
    • ULearn09 in Christchurch
    • Learning@School 09 conference - final call for papers
    • Online resource: Software for Learning
    • Stop cyberbullying - Twitter
    • Online resource: Earth Protect
    • Professional learning opportunity - NZCS ICT-Connect programme
    • Upcoming events
    • Sharing news with the ICT PD community

Time 4 celebration Thanks Pillans Pt for sharing some of the great things that are happening at your school. Those teachers who shared deserve a pat on the back for the innovative things they are doing with their children. Well done -we are buzzing with new thoughts and ideas.

BubbleShare: Share photos - Craft Ideas
and on Wednesday we celebrated too!
Our schools and all the teachers within should be acknowledged for being on the wave, and trying to make a difference.
BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.

* Time 4 Celebration
**ICTPD Online Newsletter:**
    • Time4 Celebration - An ICT PD Online showcase
    • Learning@School 09 conference - call for papers
    • ULearn08 keynote and videos
    • NZ Microsoft Innovative Teacher of the Year
    • Upcoming events
    • Sharing news with the ICT PD community

Resources Worth Checking Out - Could be staff room dialogue starters?
Predict the future and examine trends with this activity.
Shifting Thinking

Best Teacher Blog
Congratulations to another cluster hero – Jamin Lietze. Jamin from Bethlehem College was awarded runner-up in the
Best Teacher Blog section of the 2008 Interface Awards. His blog ‘Education Investigation’ is an excellent example of the power of the internet for professional learning.
He will receive $800 of Toshiba goodies.
Awesome work Jamin !!!


Congratulations Room 18 at Otumoetai Primary for winning the primary school section of the **TVNZ NetGuide Schools Web Challenge.**

Their website is called Fur and Feathers . Judges described it as “an exceptional web site - excellent interactivity, lovely design and animation, and great content! Brilliant work”.
Well done Jenny Chapman, this is an awesome achievement.

ICTPD Online Newsletter:

    • Time4 Reflection and Review online seminar
    • Milestone templates and supporting notes
    • Learning@School conference - call for papers
    • EDtalks
    • Upcoming online seminar: Time4 Celebration - An ICT PD Online showcase
    • Cluster projects: Our Nation
    • Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach interview with Kim Hill
    • K-12 Online conference
    • ULearn08 - continuing the conference experience

ICTPD Online Newsletter: September 26
Click Here
    • ULearn08
    • Milestone templates and supporting notes
    • EDtalks
    • Upcoming online seminar: Time4 Celebration - An ICT PD Online showcase
    • Glossary of online interaction
    • Technorati: State of the blogosphere report
    • ICT qualifications
    • K-12 Online conference
    • ICT_PD on Twitter
    • Upcoming events
    • Sharing your news with the ICT PD community
    • School holidays

ICTPD Online Newsletter: September 12

Click Here
    • ULearn08
    • ICT_PD on Twitter
    • Free wikispaces
    • ICT qualifications
    • Tony Bates seminar - Wellington
    • K-12 Online conference
    • Digital Strategy
    • Upcoming events

ICTPD Online Newsletter: August 15

Click here
    • Online theme: YouBlog - Blog yourself
    • TED Talks “ Ideas worth spreading"
    • Upcoming event: AFL08 Conference
    • e-Learning Teacher Fellowships 2009
    • Blackle - Saving energy one search at a time: Blog Link
    • 100 helpful web tools for every kind of learner
    • ICT PD Online blog

A Collection Of Ways ICT is being used to Enhance Teaching and Learning - Suzie Vesper

YouBlog: Blog yourself
The main focus is on blogging to support teaching and learning, in particular, the key competencies from the New Zealand Curriculum.
YouBlog runs from 4-15 August 2008 and will include opportunities for interaction in the form of online discussion and a synchronous audio conference on Wednesday 13 August 4-5pm, with special guest Allanah King. All the material from YouBlog will remain online for you to access and use as part of your professional learning after these dates.

Reaching Out-Lenva Shearing

__ post explores what the purpose of blogging is in schools. How much depth is there in the type of posts that are happening in classrooms.

Blogging Safely

Rachel Boyd

ICTPD Online Newsletter: July 7

Click Here
There is a link to Wordle - a tool for generating “word clouds” from text that you enter. These can be altered with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. You can print, or save to the Wordle gallery to share. Jane Nicholls has also created word clouds using terms from the New Zealand Curriculum, which you can view on her blog, ICT U Can

BubbleShare: Share photos - Powered by BubbleShare

It's great to know that so many teachers within our cluster are 'buzzing' after our Mini Conference. The calibre of breakouts was high as most have presented at the Learning@School and Ulearn Conferences . Many names are now connected with a face- Allanah King being one of them. So many of us have referred to her as a great starting point for blogging and that little bit of zing. This video tells her beginning story, showing the highlights of using of blogs, podcasts and wikis in her Year Four/Five class.

ICTPD Online Newsletter: June 20

Click Here

ICTPD Online Newsletter: June 6

Click Here

SlideShare Tip


Professional Learning Pick

Last year the highlight of my pd was participating or rather lurking in the K12 online conference. I recommend that you too get involved this year. “Amplifying Possibilities.”

ICT PD Online newsletter: 8 May

Click here
The main focus supports innovation in teaching and learning.
    • Time4 Innovation Online Conference 26 May-13 June 2008.
    • Innovative students
    • Upcoming event: Maori Technology
    • ULearn0817463498_d486897b34_o.gif

Why Blog?

The Characteristics of an Excellent ICT Lesson

Have a read.


Don't forget to fill in the clustershare survey- this ensures you have a voice with what works well for you, and what you would like to have included in these sharing days. Click here
BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.

'Classroom Connections'
So make sure you have signed up as a wikispaces member and ............
    • Celebrate what has worked well Picture3.png
    • Share your thoughts
    • Ask questions
    • Seek Support
    • Add links

Click here for **The ICT PD Fortnightly Online newsletter.**
    • Top 100 tool for learners
    • Web 2.0 tips and tools
    • Upcoming event: It takes a whole village to educate a child
    • Professional learning opportunity: Ross Todd seminar
    • Tech Hui 08: Infinite Possibility
    • Sharing your news with the ICT PD Online community


Check out the ongoing list of sites that many teachers are finding useful for student use in the classroom. There is also a great link here for the NZ Maths site that has direct links to specific games that are star rated with a blurb about their uses. -
It can't get any easier than that!! green_guy.gif

Check out the thought behind a one to one laptop scheme that they started in under-developed countries.

Opoutere Visit