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TERM 2 2009

PD Plan

TERM 2 ACTION PLAN (revised on the basis of Term 1 reflection

TERM 1 2009

Goal Setting Information for Term 2/3

Term 2 Guided Inquiry topic - Teachers notes/requirements

Term 2 Guided Inquiry topic material

Andersons Thinking Framework

SOLO Thinking Framework

* To access a range of Thinking Tools and Graphic Organisers
- click PD & Curriculum on the nav bar and then Thinking Tools on the next nav bar (this includes the Eric Fragenhiem Graphic Organisers)
- all 2008 staff were given the option of receiving copies of two booklets that supporting thinking: Creating the Thinking Classroom and Enriching the Inquiry Process
* Also - have a look on the server as there is a range of support material in the Thinking Tools folder.

OPS 2009 Acton Plan

Learning at School Conference 2009 Reflections//

OTUMOETAI Bits and Pieces 2008 Below are some of the documents we have based our 2008 work on. The file 'Characteristics of 21C Learners' is how our staff have defined our students as learners. The powerpoint, 'OPS Action Plan for staff T2 2008', is reflective of the 'repositioning' of our journey at the start of Term 2, 2008. The 'What is Inquiry Learning?' powerpoint is the resource we developed to introduce the concept of inquiry to our staff. external image msword.png Otumoetai Action Plan 08 Version 2.doc external image msword.png The Characteristics of 21C Learners.doc external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png OPS Action Plan for staff T2 2008.ppt external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png What is Inquiry Learning.ppt external image msword.png Establishing Our Vlaues.doc



OTUMOETAI - Term 3 2008 Guided Inquiry

Junior Planning**
external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png Patterns.ppt
external image msword.png Master.doc

Below are all our bits and pieces for our T3 Guided Inquiry. Start with the OPS Draft Inquiry Model.

external image vnd.ms-publisher.png OPS Draft Inquiry Model.pub external image msword.png Teacher Guided Inquiry Planning Sheet.doc external image msword.png TeacherInquiryPlanningBrainstormBlank.doc
external image msword.png Skills and Strategies to Teach.doc external image msword.png Revised BloomsPlanningSheet.doc - Inquiry Learning.doc
external image msword.png AndersonsTaxonomy.doc external image msword.png Andersons Activity Sheet - Inquiry Learning.doc