Mind Mapping Tools

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Sites and Tools to Check Out

Educational Software
Online Applications and Web2 tools

Innovation and Moving Forward in the Junior School
Examples to Explore - from Movies to animations, kidpix, and web2.
Blue Screening is used here (On Apple Keynote!) but I'm sure that on a PC you could make do with the wand on the Picture Tool Bar. To do this you would take photos of your children with a white sheet as a background and save as a jpeg.

Dr Seuss Videos
Several stories downloaded from Google Video and Youtube.

Interactive Websites
A good range of interactive sites for classroom use.

Junior Classroom Links
An interesting way to save sites and create easy access for children.

NZ Maths Site Review

Student Maths Sites

Olympic Games Sites

Teacher Planet Lesson Plans
Lessons Units and Worksheets
More Lesson Plans
USOC- Olympic-themed lesson plans
Fact Monster
Olympic-themed lesson plans
Ancient Olympic CyberHunt
Cyberhunt with links to sites for answers
Enchanted Games
Related Printouts, Activities and fact Sheets
The Official Mascots for the Beijing Games
Official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, carrying a message of friendship and peace -- and good wishes from China -- to children all over the world.
The Official Website
for the New Zealand Olympic Committee
Heaps of Olympic Sites
Google Olympic Directory for Kids and Teens
Information and Games to Play
USOC Kids Base Camp - Fun Games related to the Olympics