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Check out the awesome literacy work that Rosemary Meynell and her Year 1 class have been doing.

OTUMOETAI - Term 4 2008 Guided Inquiry

Junior Planning

Below are all our bits and pieces for our T4 Guided Inquiry. Start with the OPS Draft Inquiry Model.

NIE Frontpage Competition
NIE Front Page CompetitionI have done a similar activity before that was not part of the NIE, however this year our syndicate did a big unit called 'Spreading the News'. We looked at media inside & out e.g. What position does the media take & why? Types of media etc. As part of this my class entered the front page design competition. Unfortunately one down fall with this was that it became very teacher directed & time focused re: rules & skills for entry. On the plus side the team work & collaboration that happened in my room was amazing.

Planning Ideas

  • The children are really hooked into using Brainstorming, PMI and Thinking hats with more purpose this year. Here are a couple of tasks which I did with them which proved to be highly successful. They enjoyed the tasks and were particularly keen to see how accurate their use of 'hats' was.

Stuff To Try

  • Innovation and Moving Forward in the Junior School
    Examples to Explore - from Movies to animations, kidpix, and web2.
    Blue Screening is used here (On Apple Keynote!) but I'm sure that on a PC you could make do with the wand on the Picture Tool Bar. To do this you would take photos of your children with a white sheet as a background and save as a jpeg.

Classroom Pictures

Thinking Wall